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BENU Apotheken

Seasonal activations

Building occasions in retail? A healthy idea!

The challenge

Is a pharmacy a store? At BENU pharmacies they think it is and at the same time it isn't. The most important goal is to provide care and counseling. But there is also a so-called “Over the Counter” assortment, which is for sale. There are shelves and promotions and with that the pharmacy serves partly as a drug store, as a retailer. 

BENU wants to find a balance between medical care and expert advice on the one hand and OTC sales on the other. How can we activate clients in the BENU store in a relevant manner while at the same time giving substance to caretaking? 

Our solution

The solution lies in the seasonal occasions. In the spring we encounter very different health issues compared to in the summer. In the spring it is mostly about hay fever and in the summer about sun protection, so we created an activation calendar with a theme and below an activation per month for each season.

Hence there is always something to discover in the BENU pharmacy each month. Not only a great offer but also useful information and advice on relevant issues. There are various means used for this, such as in-store materials, displays and leaflets. That way the shop function seamlessly connects with carers.

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