Shopper Activation toolkits

How do you guide international activities on the right track from strategy to implementation?

The challenge

Shopper marketing for the brands of Bacardi is centrally organized in Brussels. That makes it easier to run the same campaign in several countries. ChannelUp developed international campaigns for the brands Bacardi, Martini, Eristoff and Bombay Sapphire. How do you ensure that local agencies well understand the concept and shopper communication strategy as well as roll out the campaign in the proper way? 

Our solution

We have developed a shopper activation toolkit for the various campaigns. In this toolkit "the big idea" and the strategic framework of the campaign gets explained. For each shopping phase (Relevance, Find, Buy) we indicate examples of what the mindset of the shopper is, the key barrier and what the key message should be.

Of course we also show the key visual. As a result we give an example of the design and messaging for each type of touchpoint. In addition, the phasing of the shopping trip is held here. In the meanwhile, with the help of our toolkits several international campaigns have successfully rolled out consistently in Northern Europe.

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