FrieslandCampina Export

FrieslandCampina Export

Dutch Lady campagne

Making the goodness of Dutch dairy popular in Africa?

The challenge

Milk is good for everyone. In Africa, South-America and the Caribbean they also love a glass of milk. They frequently make it themselves with powdered milk of brands like Dutch Lady, Bella Holandesa, Belle Hollandaise or Frisian Flag.
But what the parents and children usually don’t know is the origin of that tasty milk.

Under the heading “Discover the goodness of milk from Holland” FrieslandCampina Export wants to clearly communicate its main distinguishing value. No other international brand can say that their dairy product is made from milk of the renowned Dutch cows, grazing the good, soft pastures of our country.

Our solution

It’s time for a long-running campaign where the focus is on the heritage of Dutch dairy. In two beautiful commercials we take the viewers with us to The Netherlands. After a sip of milk children end up in the famous Dutch green pastures with grazing cows, and that is where the milk they enjoy so much comes from. What an amazing dream… or… wasn’t it a dream?

In addition we placed several outdoor campaigns and store activation. And especially for schoolchildren, we developed the Holland Fun Farm. In this play-barn kids can milk the cows, pose for a picture as a farmer, taste milk and they get fun and educational coloring pages. On top of that introductions of new products such as packets of milk and yogurt have been given a place within the campaign.


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