Do it ECOstyle

The power of brand love and shopper value

The challenge

Normally, the influence a brand has reduces the closer the shopper gets to the purchasing decision. There are numerous factors that influence the shoppers decision, both in-store and on the shelves. Shelf placement, a nice promotion of the competitor etc.

That is why, for the segments lawn, weed, snails, ants and vegetable garden, ECOstyle puts a lot of time and effort in informing and seducing shoppers on the shop floor. Even so, why should one buy ECOstyle products specifically?

Our solution

Of course we have made an activation plan together with ECOstyle. For each segment we apply clever tools which influence shopper decisions in-store. That goes from shop-in-shop to action display and shelf communication. But ECOstyle still has an upperhand. Because, why wouldn’t you justifiably choose for ecological gardening if it is just as effective? 

The brand name ECOstyle is like a motive for purchase. With the theme “Do it ECOstyle” we say to the consumer and shopper: do it ecologically, use ECOstyle products. We went on TV with this message. Moreover, the theme has become the connecting link between all activities in the various segments. By doing so, we also build to a stronger brand.

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