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Multi-brand activations

How do you build a multi-brand activation platform?

The challenge

As specialists in trade and shopper communication we work at category visions and activation plans for many manufacturers. Of course each manufacturer has his own vision and plans. However, if you take a look at specific categories, such as breakfast, there is also some overlap in it. We went looking for synergy, knowing that it is not easy for manufacturers to execute their vision and plans at retailers.

It all started with a test balloon when we were at Albert Heijn. Should we put in the cross medial “Allerhande” platform for breakfast activation? An activation where numerous breakfast brands play a role? They were enthusiastic about it and we went right to work. 

Our solution

We found five breakfast brands which gladly wanted to participate because the activity linked to their category vision. Albert Heijn composed a beautiful media package: an insert with coupons in the “Allerhande” and a personal Bonus offer by e-mail. A breakfast display was placed in a couple of big stores where a promoter would stand in the weekends.

What’s unique to this project was the cooperation between five manufacturers and Albert Heijn which together make for a big occasion, and a successful one. The breakfast activation platform has been given a follow up. Also for the other categories such as cheese, coffee and sodas, multi-brand platforms were built by Albert Heijn. We are very proud of being able to put this all together. 

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