Shopper marketing & Shoppercommunicatie

Shopper marketing & Shoppercommunication

Shopper marketing & Shoppercommunication

Shopper marketing is a strategic approach, which is aimed at influencing the buying process. From the purchase intention at home to the payment at the register. Logically, our starting point of shopper marketing is the shopper, rather than the brand. We want to give people a reason to buy.

Therefore, relevant shopper insights are very important. What are the barriers and triggers to buy a product? How does the shopper choose between the different channels and retail formulas? Which touch points can be used to influence the shopper during their entire path to purchase? Not only in stores, but also online and in the media.

Within shopper communication, we do not only express our creativity in great creative concepts. We also use smart messages, which change along with the mindstate of the shopper during the shopping trip, ensuring optimal shopper communication.

Shopper marketing and shopper communication connect brand manufacturers and retailers. This is where their common objective lies: more shoppers, who buy more often and spend more. That’s why ChannelUp likes to work together with both parties: retail and brand manufacturers.