Shopper marketing & Shoppercommunicatie

Trade marketing & tradecommunication

Trade marketing & tradecommunication

Trade marketing aims to promote the cooperation between manufacturers and retailers. ChannelUp is the agency that helps trade marketeers of brand manufacturers with trade communication to achieve this goal.

Often, we take a category vision and category strategy as the basis. In this way, brand manufacturers want to convince category managers of retail formula that their plan contributes to value creation within the category. Our years of experience enable us to help trade marketeers to formulate their plans as sharply as possible and to present these as convincingly as possible.

In addition, entrepreneurs and managers of supermarkets also need to be well informed. For example, through trade communication in trade journals such as, Distrifood, Food Personality etc.

ChannelUp has a very extensive package of services, which have proven to be very successful in recent years